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Svetlana Doroshkevich
  • Founder of the "Drevo Roda" Methodical centre.
  • Higher technical and psychological education. 
  • Graduated the Institute of Cosmoenergy.
  • Completed a training in the basic course and two levels of the "Tree of Life"- course by the Arkady Petrov- Fund.
  • Completed courses and seminars of the Academician G. Temnikov.
  • Bio-Cosmo-Information-Scientist, Completed courses and seminars of Professor A.V. Ignatenko, according to his teaching " Cosmological civilization of the Golden Age of the Creator".
  • Awarded a diploma of the World Association of psychologists, doctors, spiritual and traditional healers of the International Institute of Energy Medicine and Psychology of Healing for her achievements in the field of education and health, and for active participation in the International Congress "The development of traditional folk medicine and formation of a civilized market healing services".
  • Completed a training program in the use of the computer system for evaluating the functional status of the human body "Dynamica", model "Lotus.“
  • Completed a training at the "International Academy of fine-field of ecology and health" of Professor V.A. Nekrasov.
  • Participates in scientific conferences and spiritual wellness festivals
  • Сonducts trainings in Russia, Ukraine, Austria and Germany.


Svetlana Doroshkevich Author of Methods: