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The Methodical Center "Drevo Roda" has as its objectives:

  • Awakening of the Ancestral Memory to recreate the connection to the Ancestors
  • Disclosure of the potential of each person and the formation of a lifestyle, allowing to achieve harmony, health and happiness
  • Revival of the culture and traditions of our ancestors and the study of centuries-old spiritual experience of mankind

We provide:

  • Lectures and seminars to explain the various methods of healing and giving knowledge to the spiritual, energetic and physical development of a Person
  • Workshops and training aimed at the development of mental and physical abilities of a person, normalization of health and life events
  • Individual consultations for the correction of health and life events

Here you can buy:

  • Matrix modulators for the protection of the human biological field
  • Neutralizers of harmful radiation of cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc.
  • Equipment for the preparation of biologically active water


Bilotherapy – Transfiguration through the sound of “Singing Bronze“

Bilotherapy – Transfiguration through the sound of “Singing Bronze“


More than 20 years ago a unique acoustic phenomenon was created Alexander Zhikharev – the "Singing Bronze." It has extraordinary acoustic characteristics and its sound has a remarkable duration. This musical instrument, unparalleled in world - the “Belfry of the Bilo”