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Biolokation (Dowsing). Familiarity with the method

Determination of the root causes of diseases by AURAGRAFIKA- Method

Presentation of the method AURAGRAFIKA in format PDF (1,73 MB)

Schemes for diagnosis


AURAGRAFIKA. Stage 1, Practitioner

AURAGRAFIKA. Stage 2, Master 

Education, individual counseling:

personally, from the photo, via Skype.


Currently offered many different ways to diagnose a person – Adaptometry, Aura- Camera and Kirlian pictures, Folyu- examination and many others...

Each of these methods is good in its own way. However, each of them is characterized by three main drawbacks:

  1. few people at home are similar devices . In addition, you must have some knowledge to work with them, or have to use the services of an appropriate specialist for diagnosis;
  2. devices are really capable to reflect on the monitor the health and availability psychological problems at the moment, but will not tell how to recover health and resolve problems;
  3. the capabilities of each of the devices are limited. For every next level of diagnostics you need another device - what resembles walking through various doctors' offices .

However, in each home can be found something like a dowsing or a pendulum. Anyway, a small sinker or a ring on a string and a sheet of paper can be found certainly in every house. And this is all what is necessary in order to be able to independently diagnose just anything! And immediately remove identified causes of negative events. HOW?

Let´s consider this on a specific example: If you visit a specialist in Adaptometry, then after an one-hour-session you get the following images, see Figure 1, left-hand column:

Fig. 1

Indeed, very clearly. By turning the image on the computer screen you can get a fairly complete understanding of your health status. Next you are offered a set for the "harmonization" and "leveling" of your biofield to eliminate existing distortions. Typically, this is CFS, „charged water“ or the "psychic hands." 

And after accomplished correction and repetition of the research, you will see on the screen the changes. And they are real! See Figure 1, right column. It is enough to sell the product and convince you that "it works."

But how long will the achieved changes persist? Unfortunately, experience shows: not that long. Hence, after a while you will have to visit this or another specialist again and conduct the next session. It is because the following treatment is aimed at the elimination of the aftereffects and not on the elimination of the causes of the health problems. And so on without an end. 

Besides, you are left alone with the main unanswered question: why you where faced with the problem? What is the reason? Having received no answer to this question at all, all your desires will not help you to solve the existing problem. This is equivalent to as if you started to pump punctured tire, instead of finding and seal the puncture. May be it is still better to determine the causes of the negative deviations in the health and eliminate them?

After a training in dowsing with the AURAGRAFIKA- method you will be able to get the image of your biofield, with the assistance of a pendulum and a piece of paper. Here's how it can look like:

Fig.2 Fig.3 Fig.4

But this is only a part of the work. It is important to learn and know how to decipher the received image and know how to perform the correction of the chakras (energy-informational centres of a person) or eliminate the identified strains of the biological field. It is known that informational energy centres responsible for the operation of certain organs and systems, and like oversee certain areas of life and human activity. Therefore, each problem "hits" on its home energy-informational centre. And this means you will have to remember and understand the situation which is linked namely with the disruption of this specific chakra. The link between every situation and a specific chakra will greatly facilitate the task of specific recollection of the situation. Further, using certain techniques, you need to work on correction your attitude to the situation. Thus changing your reaction to it, it is necessary to fix the new outlook and the new sensation to the level of the subconscious. In result of targeted work with the root cause of the problem first occurs the recovery, i.e. the deformation disappears, and then at the physical level gradual beneficial changes of the organs and systems of the organism begin to occur. Performing this work, of course, takes time, knowledge and skills, but however, the time spent is worth it, because the situation, “executed” by this method, goes forever! And this means that the problem associated with this situation disappears, too.

If assistance will be provided to a person without determining the root causes of a problem, a simple use of various technologies, procedures or therapeutic methods of correcting the condition of a person will be able to bring only a temporary improvement of health status. Because of that after some time the current problem will inevitably manifest itself again, because people do not draw the right conclusions and an appropriate correction was not performed. In this case, newly faced with the same type of situation, and reacting to it in the same wrong way again, the problem will not only persist, but it will become even more noticeable. Of course, there are situations when a person needs help immediately, when his health is in critical conditions. In this case, one has to turn his attention to that fact, that in the near future he will still need to define the root causes of the problem and to remove and replace the unsustainable patterns of behaviour, that led to the disease, with a viable model of behaviour, writing it down on a subconscious level, so that a similar problem will never be repeated. To solve such problems, you can use your own methods for working with the subconscious and even BILOTHERAPY.

 AURAGRAFIKA allows you to:

  • Get a clear idea about the state of the human biological field in a graphical form;
  • Detect strains in human biological field long before the first clinical symptoms of disease will manifest;
  • Determine the root cause or set of causes for deviations in health, which could not be identified by the conventionally used methods;
  • Understand the causes of problems in the personal life, in the family, at work, in business or in any other areas of human life;
  • Identifying deformations in human biological field, caused by energy-informational actions from other people using occult practices, connections with various origins, etc.;
  • Determine the location of geopathological and biospherical pathological zones in an apartment or any other room, which is especially important for arranging the location of the place for work and sleep;
  • Diagnose organs, systems, neuron cells, etc., which makes it possible to dispense ultrasound- diagnostics;
  • Systematically check your health, controlling the healing process;
  • Perform self-tests;
  • Diagnose other people at a distance. 

AURAGRAFIKA has no contraindications, age limits and is absolutely safe, suitable for children and adults with different levels of income and religion. AURAGRAFIKA is the only that has no analogues in the world by allowing quickly get an accurate assessment of the human biological field and in the case necessary to carry out its correction.

Examples of the diagnostic with the AURAGRAFIKA- method.


1. Woman, 66 years old. Diagnosis of kidney. Dragging pain in the back.

Fig.5 Fig.6

Figure 5 shows the biological field of each kidney separately. The figure was taken from a anatomical atlas and printed on paper in a cage. The blue dotted line denotes the conditional norm of the biological field. Identified deformations in the fields are numbered, allowing easy to navigate and alternately perform work to determine the underlying causes for each of them. Figure 6 shows the location of the kidneys in the body of the individual. The normal location was taken from anatomical atlas. The shift and lowering in comparison to the standard is clearly visible. The right kidney is lowered, the left - rotated. With the similar method it is possible to obtain an image of an organ, and system cell, neuron, etc. It is known that kidney reflected fears of man. Defining, for each identified deformation the date of a specific event, remembering and eliminating the root cause, eliminating spatial mismatch - and a restoration of the field takes place, which leads to the restoration of its normal operation and improved health status. In the future, the kidneys will take a position which will be close to the standard. At a follow-up and repetitive diagnostics at end of the session, the field is rounded, the size and position is correct.


2. Woman, 60 years old. Diagnosis: cataract in both eyes. She were offered an operation to replace the lens.

Fig.7 Fig.8 Fig.9

The resulting images from the diagnostic give a clear understanding of why some operations will help, while others do not. See Figure 8: In the right eye lens gets in biofield (although the field is difficult to call it ), but on the back of the eye, where the retina field no. Replacing the lens is not in this case lead to the restoration of vision. A fix the root cause of the problem can be at home and without surgery, which was done. With his left eye is even more interesting. In this case also the lens misses the biofield. By correction the causes have been eliminated, the field of eye was restored. The eyesight became noticeably better, but was still bad. So, physically the eye was healthy, but the problem is something other! It became apparent when the image was obtained in the whole visual system biofield (Fig. 9). As it turned out, the field in the eye is normal, the thalamus also well, but in the region of the optic chiasm are serious deformations. Now lets think about how an operation with replacing the lens could help a person in this case? Which device can measure and demonstrate the cause of vision problems in this case? No one, only our subconscious! Learn to understand it, learn to use it, because our subconscious knows everything. You just have to be able to "read " the information and learn how to eliminate negative impacts. Want to remind you: Man is a very complex organism and everything in it interconnected. Eliminating only field causes of visual impairment may not immediately bring expected result, since the operation depends on the functioning of intestine, liver, the balance of enzymes, lack of slags, the quality of consumed food and water. The human body should be in harmony and equilibrium.


3. Woman, 39 years old. Numerous problems in life: nothing succeeds, everything goes wrong, she did not find a job. What is the reason? Why can she not realize her potential? A diagnosis was made for the field events (Fig. 10, 11):

Fig.10 Fig.11

As you can see, this women thinks a lot, makes plans, communicates harmoniously with people, is engaged in self-development and various practices for personal and career growth (the field from the belly upwards is almost perfect!). In general, she is smart and beautiful, but there are no results. All strives are in vain. Her former employers did not see results and she gets fired. Any project she starts – it goes wrong. People do not want to have something to do with her – because she seems to be a "loser." And which results could be here at all if legs "hang" in void. There's nothing to "dig" for. And there is a long “tail” of debts visible, not only financial but also moral debts. Her Mother – is a single. Believes that she did not give the daughter enough happiness, could not keep her Dad. And wants to compensate this by money, time, care, mother's duty... One could spend a long time speculating for the reasons by visiting psychologists, girlfriends or just crying into the pillow. The resulting diagnostic picture immediately gives a clear understanding of the problem: 12 main causes led to the situation. When they were dismantled – she was amused: What nonsense, it turns out, could "turn a person inside out" and make life difficult.



4. A Man, 87 years old. Left arm and left leg almost out of order. Getting around the apartment is only possible with assistance. After the diagnosis in the frontal projection, (Fig.12), a large deformation on the left side of the biofield (highlighted in red) became clearly visible, and, in principle, makes a normal operation of the left arm and leg impossible. After the elimination of the major deviations in the informational-biofield the energy centres noticeably balanced, what allowed the man immediately after the correction not only to move unaided inside his apartment, but also walking outside his flat.


5. Woman, 47 years old. Problems in life, imbalance, difficulties in relationships with others, fatigue (Fig. 13):


As a result of the diagnosis were revealed serious deviations in the main informational- and energy- centres, and the presence of numerous connections to the chakras and many more. The chakras Lelja and Lada were almost in an inoperable state, what did not allow a natural manifestation of intuition and made ​​it impossible to build a harmonious relationship with other people and the surrounding environment. After the correction the work of the informational- energy- centres was significantly improved, headaches disappeared, there was a sensation of confidence and inner peace, and irritability and imbalance disappeared. Relations with other people began to harmonize.

6. Girl, 12 years old. A sharp deterioration of health, apatite with no apparent reason.


With blue and red contours depicted the girls biofield from August 1st (for the time of treatment), black - of July 1st (Fig. 14). Clearly visible are the dynamics of a "detaching field." In this case the cause of the problem manifests itself through a "stasis of life" of the girl, was a heavy psychological trauma associated with the euthanization of her pet dog, which was very old. Parents regretted the dog and didn’t want it to suffer... In this situation, the help to correct the biofield should be provided immediately. And doctors here are not able to help because they do not have the tools to identify the root causes of these problems and apply reliable methods of correction .

Man, 45 years old. Complaints about a internal state of discomfort, impaired internal



As a result of diagnosis was revealed that the man clamped himself in a rigid framework (Fig. 15). Solid limitations. He thinks that if he's a man, he MUST earning in any way, has no right for his own life. He was raised - DEBT goes above happiness, development, love, joy . He never smiles, feels like a compressed spring. The root cause – the education since childhood: his father was a military, cruel and heartless. Believed that a boy must not be pampered. And his mother was afraid to embrace her son to often. The same education he moved to his children and lost contact with them. And his wife doesn’t tolerate this, too... And he could not understand why they are not grateful. After all, he just lives for them. He just wants to do the righto everyone. And he himself needs nothing. Even from drawing the biofield it became visible – nothing could knock out this male. And when he realized what was happening, he cried for the first time in his life. And the "block of ice" melted. The person was not to recognize after correction.


8. Young man with persistent pain in the abdomen. Diarrhea.


Mom had such power over her son, total control that he could not go anywhere without his mother. She wanted to protect him from bad company, and almost killed her son. But the most surprising was that if theres was a pressure from the mother, the deformation of the biofield normally appears from right to left. But here - diametrically opposed. It was very difficult understanding the causes. It turned out that my mother kept saying that she is the male in this family, and the father of the young man had no voting rights and therefore began to drink. And so on…

Each person is unique and unrepeatable. And each one has its own causes and consequences. There are many different ways to correct events and health. You can use any, already known to you. Or you can come to us - and we will teach what we apply and practice ourselves .


The specialists of the Methodical Centre “Drevo Roda” provide trainings in the AURAGRAFIKA-method and carry out individual consultations for the diagnosis and correction for in-person meetings and also at a distance -  using a picture and/ or the internet-based technology Skype.