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More than 20 years ago a unique acoustic phenomenon was created Alexander Zhikharev – the "Singing Bronze." It has extraordinary acoustic characteristics and its sound has a remarkable duration. 

This musical instrument, unparalleled in world - the “Belfry of the Bilo” (bell plates, flat bells), capable to generate clean and harmonious sounds of great beauty that awakens lofty sentiments and fills the surrounding space with the energy of love and goodness. 

The bell plates have unusual acoustic properties, with no analogues in the world, and are created on the basis of the patents № 1827140 from 05/30/1991, and № 2144703 from 10/14/1992, filed as patented inventions due to the manifestation of the Trinity in the sound, which is the sine qua non for euphony, and thanks to precise attune of all belfry plates with each other it is possible to create a Pythagorean system - a harmonious sound system, in which the sounds of the scale are located in acoustically clean intervals. 

The melodies and harmonies, born through interacting with each other tones and overtones, dazzle and draw the listener deep into the living sound space that is in constant motion. 

While listening to the sound of the bell plates, problems and futilities disappear unnoticed, physical and mental ailments scatter. The beautiful sound of the material creates a joyful and light mood, affecting not only the psycho-emotional, but also the spiritual realm of the listener, and thereby transforms it. 

The beneficial effects of the sounds of flat bells on humans, and also their unique acoustic properties gives the opportunity using the Bilo (flat bells) for an independent direction of sound therapy - BILOTHERAPY. 

BILOTHERAPY – is a drug-free method for correcting deviations of the health status, is based on the effects of sounds and vibrations emanating from the bell plates (flat bells). It is possible to eliminate stress, relieve symptoms of diseases, which could be counted to psychosomatic diseases, and that has a positive impact on the psycho-emotional, spiritual and physical sphere of a human. 

The harmonious acoustic vibrations emanated by the bell plates affect the human body directly through the liquids and soft tissues of the body, which is comparable to performing a deep massage, resulting in the removal of physical stress and optimization of hydrodynamic processes in the circulatory and lymphatic system. 

At the same time there are strong and deep emotional experiences caused by the beauty of the sound of the metal, which leads to a change in the mental state of a person and addresses him to an active beginning. 

Bilotherapy, as a psychotherapeutic method to correct the functional state of the body and maintain spiritual purity person, may be applied: 

• Individually at home;
• By experts in sound therapy and psychotherapy, included as musical amplification during verbal psycho-therapeutic techniques;
• In health centres;
• In hospital settings;
• In concert halls, parks, recreation areas, etc. 

The “Drevo Roda Methodological Centre” provides an opportunity to: 

  1. Participate in sessions of Bilotherapy:
ACTIVE BILOTHERAPY - involves the person to actively participate during the  therapy- session and allows to achieve a maximum effect by combining the beneficial effects of acoustic waves emitted by flat bells. The participant itself plays the instrument, what unfolds the creative potential, and allows this person to hear it´s own rhythm, and has an positive impact on the physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual realm. 
PASSIVE BILOTHERAPY - Listen to the sounds, played on the flat bells, in a comfortable position. The best result in passive Bilotherapy will be achieved while listening to the living sounds of the flat bells, as in this case the acoustic waves do not only affect the organs of hearing, but the whole body. This opportunity is provided during sessions in Bilotherapy at the “Drevo Roda Methodical Centre”, as well as during concerts of Alexander Zhikharev or other performers.

When it is not possible to listen the sounds of flat bells live or to purchase a flat bell in the desired design for yourself, you can listen to recordings of the concerts of Alexander Zhikharev on compact disc:

CD 1 (2003)

CD 2 (2008)

CD 3 (2012)

In order to obtain the best results listening to the recorded acoustic performances, it is recommended to use a high-quality speaker system capable of reproducing the widest frequency range and the ability to form a three-dimensional sound space. Standing sound waves in this space affect the resonance structures of the human body, affecting not only hearing, but also on the whole body, passing the healing energy of the acoustic waves of the flat bells to every cell and every organ. 

Buy a Bilo (flat bell) in the desired design for yourself.

Bass beat (Bilo)

Desktop Bilo

Round desktop Bilo Round Bilo "tone up to 3 octaves

Bilo tuned to 110 Hz

Belfry of 12 (18) Bilo

Acoustic creek

Each bell plate (flat bell) is a unique musical instrument, shaped in a complicated setup process, which is performed by the inventor A. I. Zhikharev. In order to confirm the authenticity of the finished product each bell plate (flat bell) carries the following recognition signs: 

• The seal of Alexander Zhikharev;
• The seal of the “Drevo Roda Methodical Centre”;
• An individual serial number, which will be stored in a database;
• The name of the tone. 

With the finished product are delivered:

1) An acoustic passport,
which contains detailed information about the bell plate (flat bell);

2) The book "BILOTERAPIYA.
Transfiguration By Sounds Of Singing Bronze.” 

Customized bell plates (flat bell) or the “Belfry of the Bilo”, manufactured by master A. I. Zhikharev can be purchased in the “Drevo Roda Methodical Centre”, and only here we provide sessions of BILOTHERAPY, using all currently available designs of the bell plates. 

3. Organize a performance of A.I. Zhikharev