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Alexander Doroshkevich
  • Director and founder of the Methodical centre «Drevo Roda».
  • Higher technical and psychological education. 
  • Specialist in bio-information-technologies. 
  • Completed a training at the "International Academy of fine-field of ecology and health" of Professor V.A. Nekrasov.
  • Specialist in the application of new technologies in the sphere of safe and healthy life through the achievements of fine-field-medicine, including the selection of the optimal place of abode for work and residence in the biosphere in accordance with the topography of the form field of the Earth.
  • Member of the team for the formation of a healthy lifestyle program "Healthy capital" at the Moscow House of NGOs of the Government.
  • Member of the Assembly of Experts of Eco-Health, Moscow.
  • Awarded with a diploma of the World Association of psychologists, doctors, spiritual and traditional healers of the International Institute of Energy Medicine and Psychology of Healing for his achievements in the field of education and recovery.
  • Experience of many years in senior positions in leading Russian companies and representative offices of major foreign companies in Russia in the field of professional training on the basis of information-technologies.
  • Completed training at the International Academy of regional sales and marketing solutions company Thomson NETg, London.
  • Knowledge in the field of psychology of management, sales and marketing specifics.
  • Author of techniques to improve the key performance indicator (KPI) of employees, departments or companies in general, to control the situation in advance.
  • 16 years of flight operations as an airplane captain, implementing passenger traffic in Russia and abroad.
  • Author of various techniques for working with the subconscious mind, allowing to solve various problems associated with self-diagnosis and self-healing.
  • Author of new orientation of sound therapy – „Bilotherapy“, an unmedicated method for correcting the health status, based on the effects of sound and vibrations emanating from the Bilo („Flat Bell“), that can have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional, physical and spiritual spheres of man.
  • Author of the book "BILOTHERAPY. “Transfiguration by the sounds of Singing Bronze."
  • Author of several articles and teaching aids.
  • Individual counselling in Russia and abroad, using the author's method to identify the root causes of deviations of the health status or the formation of life's problems, implementing the subsequent correction.
  • Instructor of health groups in Slavic gymnastics. Trained by Meshalkin V.E., studying the heritage of Slavic healing "Slavic Health."
  • Developer of a series of devices for health correction "GUARDIAN", designed to reduce the exposure of the human to pathogens of different origin and help to restore the normal information-exchange processes of the human body.
  • Completed a training program in the use of the computer system for evaluating the functional status of the human body "Dynamica", model" Lotus.“
  • Participates in scientific conferences and spiritual wellness festivals.
  • Conducts training in Russia, Germany, Austria and other countries. 

Alexander Doroshkevich Author of Methods: